Remembering Tom

A quaint red house with white doors and windows and chimney stands in a green wood under a blue sky.

Drover's Rest

Constance Gauthier Photography

Thomas Lovejoy hosted many dinners over the years at his home at Drover's Rest, inviting scientists, policymakers, diplomats, celebrities, journalists, mentees and more to seek solutions to the most pressing issues facing the planet.

His profound impact on our global community continues today, as we carry on where he first led. For those who knew Tom or were influenced by his inspiring legacy, we invite you to share your memories, motivations, and wishes for his family, for our brilliantly diverse world and for our global future.


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"...his talent and joy in building bridges..."

A group stands together smiling in evening attire: three blonde women with their father, an older gentleman with greying hair and glasses.

Thomas E. Lovejoy and his daughters, from left: Kata, Betsy and Annie.

Courtesy of Betsy Lovejoy

"Most people who knew our father professionally are aware of his jaw-dropping list of achievements and illustrious honors he received. We are in awe of them too. But what we are most proud of our Papa for is being an extraordinary father, grandfather and human being (or "funny monkey" as he would say). To the three of us, he was remarkable for his infectious laugh and mischievous twinkle in his eye, his storytelling prowess, his talent and joy in building bridges and forging new connections at his dinner table and at Camp 41 among many other places, his love of leading exciting adventures, his commitment to being a great mentor, his relentless optimism and his dedication to family. We miss him terribly but are deeply grateful for the support of Tom's community and think of him with smiles on our faces as we remember the exceptional person he was."

– Betsy Lovejoy, Kata Petty, and Annie Jenkins, Tom's Daughters





"...across six continents, from the Antarctic to the Amazon..."

"Tom and I travelled the world together, across six continents, from the Antarctic to the Amazon to searching for the Wallace line in Indonesia. He was a marvelous researcher, teacher and advocate, and among other capers hosted a distinguished and hilarious group at his Amazon camp including Al Gore, Ben Bradlee, Peter Benchley and others. My wife Wren and I will always miss our friend Tom Lovejoy."

– U.S. Senator Timothy E. Wirth, Retired



"The glee every spring as the frogs returned..."

A pond with reeds; and behind, red buildings with white trim under a forest on a green, manicured landscape.

Drover's Rest

Constance Gauthier Photography

"There will be many remembrances of Dr. Thomas Lovejoy as warrior for the planet. But for me, he was just Tom, my boss. For fifteen years, while he was acting globally, I was thinking locally for him. I had the privilege of being his estate manager at a serene and verdant treasure of a property tucked away a short drive from DC. My task was to make it quiet and lovely and easy when he returned from the jungles or the boardrooms. In exchange he generously provided me a place to live and a living. Because of Tom, I had the space and comfort to become myself. I could afford experimentation and failure because Tom was always there. Tom will always be there for me. His glasses of delicious wine. His quirky bowties draped over his couch. The way he wrinkled his nose up when he genuinely laughed at something. The glee every spring as the frogs returned to the pond for their annual orgy. His absolute indulgence in letting me plant anything I wanted. The notes scribbled on squares of paper left on the stool in the kitchen. The light on at the top of the house way too early in the morning. His wandering around the property in the summer to see the fireflies light up the tree canopy. The box of pears I received every Thanksgiving, even after I left his employ. The fascinating people I met at his patio get-togethers and his winter wassails. And most importantly, inviting me in to his circle of family. I am grateful. He is missed."

– Leigh Jameson, Drover's Rest Estate Manager



"I guess I'm taking you on one last adventure." – Tom Lovejoy


Join Betsy, Kata and Annie and other family and friends of Thomas Lovejoy as they return to the research camp in the world's largest wilderness where Tom forged his legacy of science, conservation, community and Indigenous partnership and international diplomacy, and where he now will finally rest.