Catalyze Conservation Science and Policy Initiatives

The Lovejoy Center will be a catalyst for growing interdisciplinary initiatives in several ways by:

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  • Providing a physical and intellectual space to convene experts and promote collaboration;
  • Facilitating international collaboration by connecting researchers across borders and promoting the exchange of knowledge and best practices;
  • Offering trainings that bridge disciplinary gaps, allowing researchers to develop the skills and knowledge needed to work at the intersection of multiple fields;
  • Facilitating data sharing, curation, and management for more comprehensive analyses;
  • Creating opportunities for engagement and relationship building with policymakers, stakeholders, and the public, translating scientific findings into actionable conservation strategies and policies; 
  • Participating in multilateral, national, and subnational policy platforms like the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, National nature assessments, and local conservation planning processes; and 
  • Convening a semiannual International Conference on Bridging Biodiversity, Conservation Science, and Policy. 

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